June 29th, Thursday
09:00 Petr Škoda : Welcome and Logistics [pdf]
09:10 Mark Allen : The Virtual Observatory - Enabling interoperability in Astronomy [pdf]
09:30 Enrique Solano : The Virtual Observatory: A new framework for new science [pdf]
09:50 Łukasz Wyrzykowski : Transient Sky in the Big Data Era [pdf]
10:10 Sergio Molinari : VIALACTEA: 3D visualization-driven science analysis of large Galactic surveys from the infrared to the radio, and data-mining approaches to the evolutionary classification of star-formation sites. [pptx]
10:20 Adriano Agnello : Mining for lensed quasars in wide-field surveys, and modelling challenges [pdf]
10:30 coffee, Plenary presentations, lunch
14:00 Laurent Eyer : Statistical and machine learning methods to analyse the one billion time series of Gaia [pdf]
14:20 Agnieszka Pollo : Automatic classification of sources in large astronomical catalogues [pdf]
14:40 Kai Polsterer : Uncertain Photometric Redshifts [pdf]
15:00 Daria Dobrycheva : Machine learning technique for morphological classification of galaxies from SDSS [pdf]
15:10 Sabrina Einecke : Machine learning approach for the search of high-confidence blazar candidates and their multiwavelength counterparts [pdf]
15:20 Gabor Marton : An all-sky support vector machine selection of WISE YSO candidates [pdf]
15:30 coffee
16:00 Marco Antonio Alvarez : Enhanced SOM distributed processing for the classification of large spectroscopic data in the Gaia mission. [pdf]
16:10 Marco Antonio Alvarez : A distributed and enhanced implementation of unsupervised ANNs applied to spectrophotometry clustering in the ESA Gaia mission. [pdf]
16:20 Diego Tuccillo : Deep leaning for galaxy surface brightness profile fitting [pdf]
16:30 Vesna Lukic : Classifying radio galaxies with deep learning [pdf]
16:40 Diego Tuccillo : Transfer of knowledge in convolutional neural networks for morphological classification of galaxies [pdf]
June 30th, Friday
09:00 Petr Škoda : Logistic - COST Action [pdf]
09:02 Darko Jevremović : LSST data products [pdf]
09:20 Edwin A. Valentijn : Big Data in Space- Big data in our Computers [pptx]
09:40 Karine Zeitouni : Large Scale Data Management of Astronomical Surveys with AstroSpark [pdf]
10:00 Dejan Vinkovic : Challenges of Big Data processing and machine learning in meteor science [pptx]
10:20 Guilhem Lavaux : Fully non-linear statistical analysis of Large scale structure data for wide and deep surveys [pdf]
10:30 coffee, Plenary presentations, lunch
14:00 Giuseppe Longo : The art of getting science from astronomical data deluge [pdf]
14:20 Aleksandra Solarz : Space and cyberspace: hidden patterns in astrophysical datasets [pdf]
14:40 Ashish Mahabal : The Big Picture from the Bottom Up [pdf]
15:00 Emille Ishida : Domain adaptation and active learning for SNe photometric classification [pdf]
15:20 Gregor Traven : Exploring large spectroscopic surveys using t-SNE reduction of spectral information [pdf]
15:30 coffee
16:00 Rafael De Souza : A data-driven probabilistic approach for emission-line galaxy classification [pdf]
16:20 Johan H. Knapen : SUNDIAL: combining astronomy and computer science to understand the formation and evolution of galaxies [pptx]
16:40 Engelbert Mephu Nguifo : Photo-Z redshift reconstruction using a constructive multilayer perceptron. [pdf]
16:50 Ondřej Podsztavek : Deep Learning in Large Astronomical Spectra Archives [pdf]
17:00 Martin Vo : Light Curves Classifier - Package for obtaining and classifying light curves [pdf]
17:10 Jan Okleštěk : Search for UV Ceti type stars in astronomical surveys using machine learning methods with Python [pdf]
17:20 Petr Škoda : Conclusions and Thanks" [pdf]


Viviana Acquaviva Measuring the metallicity of galaxies using machine learning [pdf]
Eliana M. Amazo-Gomez Understanding brightness variations of Sun-like stars on the timescale of stellar rotation
Maarten Breddels Visualization and exploration of the a billion stars in the Jupyter Notebook [pdf]
Giorgio Calderone QSFit: Automatic analysis of optical AGN spectra. [pdf]
Klemen Čotar Stellar chemical tagging using phylogenetic trees [pdf][pdf]
Rafael De Souza On the realistic validation of photometric redshifts, or why Teddy will never be Happy [pdf][pdf]
Didier Fraix-Burnet Unsupervised classification in high dimension [pdf][pdf]
Laurence Chaoul Processing Gaia’s Billion Stars in CNES, a Big Data Story [pdf]
Emille Ishida Exploring the spectroscopic diversity of type Ia supernovae with DRACULA: a machine learning approach [pdf][pdf]
Doogesh Kodi Ramanah Optimal and fast Wiener filtering of CMB maps without preconditioning [pdf][pdf]
Svitlana Kolomiyets Adapting meteor databases to applied research [pdf]
Marcos Lopez Caniego The Planck Legacy Archive, more than just a repository [pdf]
Dmitry Makarov HyperLEDA database [pdf]
Kaisey Mandel The Type Ia Supernova Color-Magnitude Relation and Host Galaxy Dust: A Simple Hierarchical Bayesian Model
Bruno Merín ESASky: a science-driven discovery portal for ESA astronomy missions [pdf]
Areg Mickaelian Using big data from large area extragalactic surveys for understanding AGN properties in the Local and Far Universe [pptx]
Matteo Miluzio The Quick Look Analysis (QLA) software for the ESA Euclid mission [pdf][pdf]
Emilio Molinari WAS for WEAVE: our NoSQL approach. [pdf]
Jiří Nádvorník Cross-matching Engine for Incremental Photometric Sky Survey [pdf][pdf]
Javier Pascual-Granado A tool for identifying biases in the harmonic analysis of massive astronomical datasets [pdf]
Artem Poliszczuk Fuzzy logic svm based classification for large astronomical data sets [pdf]
Christoph Schaefer Lenstool-HPC, A high performance computing approach to lens-modelling [pdf]
Gyula Szabó M. Cosmic Risks and Hazards
Iryna Vavilova The inverse median filter as a new approach to the CCD-frames calibration and processing of the big data-sets in automatic mode
Branislav Vlahovic CMB uniformity and geometrical solution of horizon problem without inflation