June 26th, Monday
09:00 Dorottya Széczi : Welcome Notes [pdf]
09:06 Rafail Aptekar : The history of cosmic gamma-ray burst observations [ppt]
09:27 David Alexander Kann : The Gamma-Ray Burst – Supernovae Connection [pdf]
09:48 Kathryn Neugent : A new type of Wolf-Rayet star: A possible progenitor to Type Ic-BL supernovae and long duration GRBs [pdf]
10:00 Kirsty Taggart : Constraining GRB and SLSN progenitors using a large, unbiased sample of nearby core-collapse supernovae [pdf]
10:12 Sergey Blinnikov : GRB Central Engines within Superluminous Supernovae? [pdf]
10:30 coffee, Plenary presentations, lunch
14:00 Lidia Oskinova : Massive stars on their way to GRBs [pdf]
14:21 Lise Christensen : Star-forming gamma-ray burst host galaxies [pptx]
14:42 Dorottya Szécsi : GRBs and stellar evolution: a review of progenitor theories [pdf]
15:03 Carolina Kehrig : Characterizing metal-poor WR galaxies with integral field spectroscopy [pdf]
15:15 Ragnhild Lunnan : Connections Between Hydrogen-poor Superluminous Supernovae and Long Gamma-Ray Bursts [pdf]
15:30 coffee
16:00 Attila Meszaros : Statistical studies of the spatial distribution of gamma-ray bursts and the cosmological principle [pdf]
16:21 Peter Veres : Photospheric models for gamma-ray burst prompt emission [pdf]
16:42 Nora Linn Strotjohann : Search for neutrinos from short transients with IceCube's optical and X-ray follow-up program [pdf]
16:54 Killian Long : Dynamical Properties of Internal Shocks Revisited [pptx]
17:06 Jesse Palmerio : The host galaxies of the Swift/BAT6 complete sample of LGRBs: hints on the LGRB efficiency and progenitors [pdf]
17:18 Agnieszka Janiuk : Microphysics in the gamma ray burst central engine [pdf]
June 27th, Tuesday
09:00 Rosalba Perna : Electromagnetic counterparts of compact object binary mergers [pdf]
09:21 Zsolt Bagoly : Searching for high energy electromagnetic transients with ADWO [pdf]
09:42 Stefano Ascenzi : Joint Gravitational Wave and Electromagnetic Observation of Neutron Star- Black Hole Coalescing Binaries: A New Method to Constrain Neutron Star Radius [pdf]
09:45 Alexei Pozanenko : Search for signature of the LIGO gravitational wave events in SPI-ACS and GBM/Fermi data [pdf]
10:06 Robert Nemiroff : Short versus long gamma-ray bursts: prompt energetics and correlations [pptx]
10:18 Om Sharan Salafia : Short GRBs: rare and luminous [pdf]
10:30 coffee, Plenary presentations, lunch
14:00 Enrico Costa : X-ray polarization in context of GRBs [abs]
14:21 Michael Prouza : The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and its potential for GRB observations [pdf]
14:42 Christopher Copperwheat : Multimessenger follow-up with the Liverpool Telescope [pdf]
14:54 Lorenzo Amati : The Transient High-Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS) [pdf]
15:06 Antonio de Ugarte Postigo : Science with OCTOCAM: Gemini's future broad band imager and spectrograph [pptx]
15:18 Lex Kaper : The VLT/X-shooter GRB afterglow legacy survey [abs]
15:30 coffee
16:00 Péter Mészáros : Gamma Ray Bursts as Sources of Neutrinos (and Other Messengers) [pdf]
16:21 Jakub Ripa : Testing Isotropic Universe Using the Gamma-Ray Burst Data and Discussion of GRB Classes [pdf]
16:33 Daniel Perley : The Swift GRB Host Galaxy Legacy Survey: New Constraints on the LGRB Progenitor and Cosmic Redshift Evolution from Multiwavelength SEDs [pdf]
16:45 Viktor Toth : Galactic foreground of GRBs [pdf]
16:54 Gor Oganesyan : Discovery of a low-energy spectral breaks in prompt GRB spectra: towards a better understanding of the radiation mechanism? [pdf]
17:03 Christina Thöne : GRB hosts and environments in close-up [abs]


Andrei Beloborodov Blast waves from GRB explosions [abs]
Levente Borvák An analysis of the redshift and fluence data collected by the Fermi satellite’s GBM and LAT instruments [pdf]
David Corre Original investigation of dust in GRB Host galaxies [abs]
Sebastian Falkner Modelling X-ray beacons in curved space time [abs]
Luca Izzo Physical properties of stellar populations in the host galaxy of GRB 100316D obtained with MUSE [pdf]
Elena Mazaeva Non-homogeneities in GRB afterglow light curves [pdf]
Pavel Minaev Precursors of short gamma-ray bursts in the SPI-ACS/INTEGRAL experiment [pdf]
Graziella Pizzichini Gamma-Ray Bursts at high redshift [pdf]
Istvan Racz Estimation of hydrogen column density in Swift GRB hosts [pdf]
Francisco Javier Rivera Paleo Long GRB single frequency light curves due to jets driven by relativistic radiation hydrodynamics in 3D [abs]
Konstantinos Sapountzis Short Gamma Ray Bursts: The variability time scales in the Black Hole – Neutron Star Merger. [pdf]
Mariusz Tarnopolski Analysis of gamma-ray burst duration distribution using mixtures of skewed distributions [pdf]
Vlasta Valan Thermal components in the early X-ray afterglows of gamma-ray bursts: a possible signature of supernovae? [pdf]
Rob Van Der Meer Multi-messenger challenges addressed by ASTERICS [pdf]
Alina Volnova Multicolour modelling of SN 2013dx associated with GRB 130702A [pdf]