June 26th, Monday
09:02 Francesco Pepe : Prospects of ESPRESSO for exoplanet research [pptx]
09:30 Pierre Ferruit : Studying exoplanets with JWST [pdf]
10:00 Beth Biller : Detecting and Characterising Planets with Direct Imaging [pptx]
10:30 coffee, Plenary presentations, lunch
14:00 Rafael Rebolo : Stellar rotation periods, activity-induced RV signals and the detection of habitable planets [ppt]
14:15 Alejandro Suárez Mascareño : A super-Earth on the edge of the habitable zone of a quiet M dwarf [pdf]
14:30 Jonay Gonzalez-Hernandez : A super-Earth orbiting a moderately active K-dwarf [pptx]
14:45 Geert Jan Talens : First results from MASCARA: MASCARA-1b an exoplanet orbiting a bright star. [pdf]
15:00 Bruno Merin : New exoplanet host candidates in the Palomar Transient Factory in Orion data
15:15 Matteo Pinamonti : The HADES RV Programme with HARPS-N@TNG. GJ 15A:
A multiple wide planetary system sculpted by binary interaction
15:30 coffee
16:00 Ilham Nasiroglu : Searching Planets Around Eclipsing Close Binary Stars Systems Using Timing Method [pdf]
16:15 Ing-Guey Jiang : Constraining the Orbital Decay of Exoplanets through Transit Observations [pptx]
16:30 Jessica Kirkby-Kent : Constraining helium abundances with precise binary parameters. [pdf]
16:45 Graeme Melville : Predicting Metallicity and C/O ratios for “Hot Jupiter” Exoplanets [pptx]
17:00 Tereza Klocova : Observation of a stellar flare during a transit of HD189733 [pdf]
17:15 Krzysztof Goździewski : The HR 8799 astrometry and resonant dynamics revisited
June 27th, Tuesday
09:00 Ravit Helled : Challenges in exoplanet characterization [pdf]
09:30 Nikku Madhusudhan : Exoplanet Atmospheric Modeling: From giant planets to super-Earths [pptx]
10:00 Florian Rodler : 2024+: Observing exoplanet atmospheres with the E-ELT [pdf]
10:15 Elyar Sedaghati : Exoplanetary atmospheric detection with ground-based transmission spectroscopy (PhD results)
10:30 coffee, Plenary presentations, lunch
14:00 Silvia Kunz : Blue atmosphere or stellar activity – is the blue atmosphere of GJ 3470 b real? [pdf]
14:15 Alain Leger : Proxima Cen b: theoretical spectral signatures for different atmospheric scenarios [pdf]
14:30 Denis Defrere : Characterizing exoplanetary atmospheres with a mid-infrared nulling spectrograph [pdf]
14:45 Andrew Ridden-Harper : A new model of the dust tails of disintegrating rocky exoplanets [pdf]
15:00 Jan Budaj : Mysterious eclipses in the light curve of KIC8462852: a possible explanation [pptx]
15:15 Daniel Evans : The effects of binary systems and contaminating light on transiting hot Jupiters [pdf]
15:30 coffee
16:00 Pablo Marcos-Arenal : Instrumental performance of the WSO-UV Field Camera Unit [pptx]
16:15 Kate Isaak : CHEOPS: CHaracterising ExOPlanet Satellite [pdf]
16:30 Nicolas Crouzet : Transiting exoplanet observations with JWST: preparing the Early Release Science program [pdf]
16:45 Ana María Heras : The PLATO space mission [pptx]
17:00 Artie Hatzes : The Future of Exoplanetary Research [pptx]


Eleonora Alei Stability Studies of Super Earths atmospheres - Atmosphere in a Test Tube
Szilard Csizmadia Giant planet - brown dwarf frequency at different orbital separations
Zoltán Garai Affordable echelle spectroscopy of the eccentric HAT-P-2, WASP-14, and XO-3 planetary systems with a sub-meter-class telescope [pdf]
Antonio García Muñoz Characterization of cold exoplanets with a direct imaging mission. A perspective
Kate Isaak Observing with CHEOPS
Paul Kalas HST’s unique detections of dusty debris disks, exoplanets, and their possible rings and moons.
Pavel Pintr Taxonomy of extrasolar systems [pdf]
Eugene Sokov The detected timing for the TrES-5b exoplanet. Possible existence of the TrES-5c exoplanet.
Michaela Walterova Tidal evolution of close-in terrestrial exoplanets